The problem is I am basically just watching the church becoming corrupted before my very eyes.

Why did counselors leave our fellowship? Some left church and never came back. A lot of people disappeared at church.

My Sunday school teacher’s fellowship basically disappeared. My former fellowship mentor’s fellowship disappeared as well with less than a handful remaining.

A lot of good people left. I know this lady who has been coming to church for ages and at one point was a deacon, we often see each other at the train station and we would talk. One time she told me she was going to another church, but only going to our church to serve as usher that Sunday. She trusted me. We know that we are good people, trustable, godly but one by one, they disappear, they leave.

I think these are people who at one point were on fire and wanted to serve God but for some reasons they hit something or something happened to them at church and they get isolated,

And I guess being good natured, they don’t tell people what the problem is. They never resolved the problems, the problems never got solved.

It is a bit like Communist China. You know there are a lot of dissents and problems but they never really get resolved or be bought into light. They just get covered up, and people try to leave and etc.

I honestly think they are actually somewhat responsible for the condition of this church by not facing the problems. It just get passed down to the next generation and history repeats itself. Even if they decide to leave, they shouldn’t leave without explanation. They were probably hurt, but what if they stuck together, voiced their concerns? Confronted the people or the problems together?

The strangest thing is that many people don’t know why these people left despite of being friends. Maybe that’s the Chinese thing to do.



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