We were reading Purpose Driven Life by Rick Warren for Sunday School, it’s basically a discussion class, very light load for the teachers and the students.

Some controversial questions were asked by the teacher and the Sunday school teacher gave us his view and most of them I found problematic, however, I am not quite sure if he really believed in his answer or was he only asking these controversial questions and gave his view points only to stimulate us to think.

So here are some of his questions and his view.

Do the pastor represent the church?

If there is a lack of manpower in a ministry, should it be folded, done by layman or by the pastor? His example was, if there is a Sunday school class but there was no Sunday school teacher available, should the pastor take it up, force a layman to do it or drop it?

The pastor must love the church for it to be successful. If the pastor does not love the church, the church will not strive.

Since the pastor is called by God, he should be hold to higher standard and be an example of the people. If he doesn’t hold up to that standard, it would be his fault that the church is failing.

How come the pastors get to teacher and lecture the laymen but not the laymen?

Most people get Saturday and Sunday off, but the pastors work during the weekend. What do they do on the weekdays?

If a pastor is weak on one area, he should study and find ways to improve upon it.


Most of us did not totally agree with him but what he said really disturbed me, especially when he’s the Sunday school teacher and a senior member of the church. I am concerned about what kind of message he is sending to the younger Christians. And furthermore, I like the guy. I considered him to be one of the better people at church or the good people and he was asked to be the principal of the Sunday School by my dad.

He’s a long timer at church and he saw a lot of people leaving the church. In fact, he is actually the few remaining ones in his now extinct fellowship. He talked a little about that too, how those who left had a higher standard, were asking for more and left. The funny thing about him is that he does care about his church, he knows a lot yet at the same time, he does not join any fellowship and does not want to get his hands dirty and know too much or be too involved at church. He is also a smart guy and a good communicator.

He would actually make a better deacon than half of the people in the deacon board right now but although he was nominated numerous times, he never accepted it.

That’s actually one of church’s many problems, you have good, intelligent people who are good communicator but who are not willing to get their “hands dirty” for God and His body. He wants to help the church but he just doesn’t want to get into it and to know too much. He is smart enough and has been at church long enough to know that his principles might get compromised and might force him to be in conflict with others.

And honestly speaking, I think these people are somewhat responsible for how church turns out. These people are there serving but they don’t ever confront. They are smart and don’t let themselves get in harm’s way. I know he is a smart guy because he is good at having other speaks his mind for him.

But, what if people like him stands up to others who are doing bad, be involve in deacon board, help to facilitate, help organize and delegate? Help the pastors? Make a stand? What if we have a group of these people helping the pastors, serving with the pastors?

The church would be a lot different if we have a group of people like him or even better standing together and doing what’s right and support the ha.

We don’t have enough people like these at this church.

I wish he knew more about actually happened, that he was inside to know what went on and make his own judgement.

Let’s go back to his questions and views:

Q: Does the pastor represent the church?


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