A Talk

Yesterday I talked with a deacon. He admit that many people left because they couldn’t stand what has been going on. He told me many people of his former fellowship left because of that.

I think he was urging me to stay also. He told me that yes, there is something wrong with the church but it is going to take time to change it.

He told me how when my father first came in the first year or two, everybody was glad that such a good pastor came to the church. People were happy and glad, but things started to turn bad after those 2 years. He started to cry.

I asked him why they had to oust my dad so quickly, before they could even hire another head pastor.  He wouldn’t say. He told me God will answer me. He told me that I will know in God’s time, maybe in heaven. I said that mean 30-40 years. Before that, he told me that was because they wanted the pastor to have rest but I guess he figured that I wouldn’t buy that since I know that my dad requested sabbatical a year before and was rejected without reason. I told him that too.

He is one of the good ones, one of the few more faithful deacons who I think was used by others. He said that I probably just got one side of the story, yet I think he too, had only one side of the story as well. We are just on different sides. I think he regrets that he didn’t get involved and get to know the pastor early on, or came on board as a deacon early on. This is one thing my dad felt frustrated about, how good Christians at the church did not want to be deacon despite repeated requests. My dad encouraged and asked many people to be deacon to help, but they all didn’t.

If only 3 or 4 of them were in the deacon board it would have changed many things. Even if they don’t have enough votes to pass thing, they could mediate. They could act as bridges. They could be voices of reason. But all too late, by the time they came on board, everything had been decided and they simply became the people who did the dirty work to oust the pastor.

My dad is still mad that people didn’t support him, didn’t stand up for what’s right and wrong.




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