The Wounded Pastor

Recently I started reading this book, “Wounded Pastor: Healing and Prevention from Personal Attacks”  by Guy Greenfield. It’s a good book and to tell the truth, it describes pretty accurately the situation at my church. We have actually seen it before but Greenfield analyzed it and suggested a few solution.

I haven’t gotten over with this spiritual abuse yet and either has my family. I think my mom is better now but my dad is still suffering and from Greenfield’s book, some pastors actually leave the field because of these abuses. So my dad has been quite tough. As for me, I want to help these pastors. I want to be a good lay person leader to protect and support good pastors in the future. That is one of my goal.

One big question that I would ask church member is that, “Do you love the church or do you love God more?”

I think one of the misconception and problem in modern church is that some good-meaning people would allow evil things to happen at church for church’s sake. They would try to cover up evils people do so as to “save” the church. They would tolerate sinful people doing hurtful things.

It is somewhat similar to the misconception of many Chinese people about how loving the Chinese Communist Party doesn’t equal to loving China. Some of them don’t understand that you can love China without liking the Communist Party.

Another website I found is

As for me, I really really regret that I did not say a lot of things or warn about problems I saw coming a few years ago. How I didn’t directly and honestly tell the truth to friends when I had the chance, when they asked me. I should’ve. Now I probably don’t get the chance because the others probably have done their work already and built that mistrust.


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