A Comrade

I recently had lunch with a friend who I found out is leaving his church because a leader had been slandering others, and that the church did not denounce the behaviour nor make a stand on the issue.

The church is not hiring pastors quickly and because of this issue, the church has lost one-third of its people according to my friend (that’s a lot).

He told me the situation and I totally understand him. Like in my case, most people are trying to just forget about it, mind their own business, as if nothing is wrong.

He even confronted the elder with another sister. Afterward he wrote 5 pages to the elder board and got not reply. So he talked it out and he decided to leave.

I told him his church condition is much better than mine, at least people are not manipulating behind his back, isolating him, and that the leaders were open to discussion and being confronted. He agreed. He told me I should be leaving mine. I agree too.

But to tell the truth, out of his best interest, I hope that he would stay at his church, or just let the heat calm down a bit and decide later if he was to leave his church or not. His church, his fellowship and even leadership is much better than mine. It’s much more authentic. He knows it too. And I believe that he can do good at his church, more good than say a larger church, and he already has a very close fellowship here. So. I just want the best for him.

As for me, it’s really time to go. But I should be like him, confront, tell them what the problem is, warn them, even if I think they might know already. I think that’s my responsibility.



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