I think being a pastor or even serving, one shouldn’t have high hope of return, at least earthly return or even praise or thanks.

I am looking at the youth right now and how some of them are in the worship band and getting really into music. The youth staff worker is a musician at heart and he led a bunch of youth into making the worship band.

I looked at it, a lot of people benefited. These young people and the youth staff worker are able to use and serve with their talents and skills because there is a Saturday Service, which is geared towards young people. My dad fought hard for Saturday Service. He probably even made some people hate him for doing so, but here are the fruits.

There is no thanks or praise. Most people don’t know the cost, how he had to fight for it, and all of this just to reach the young people.

People benefited from Saturday Service, including the youth staff worker, didn’t defend him. They all just went about their ways.

It’s sad but I guess that isn’t what count. What counts is that people are benefiting from this more youthful (less traditional) service, that people are able to use their gifts and talents to reach other people into coming to Christ. Those are the reward.

We shouldn’t rely on people or other earthly reward to motivate us. But it’s hard. It would’ve been a lot nicer if people said thanks, showed appreciation and etc.

The problem of why we have division and why people can’t work together is that we don’t have our focus on God. We focused on ourselves. We have become selfish. We started to serve ourselves. We stopped caring, we stopped caring for people outside of our circle, people who don’t give back to us, or benefit us.

That’s not what God want. That’s why things break down. That’s why the church fail. That’s why we can’t move on. We have lost our sight on God.


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