Looking Back

Looking back at what went wrong with fellowship, I must say it started with leaders.

Mentor Ws came because Pastor C left the church as well as other mentors.

Pastor F telling MS to leave the fellowship. I don’t know how he did it, but he did it and said it was ordered by the head pastor. Head pastor denies it.

Pastor F requested to leave his post at this fellowship.

This was the best time, I would say our golden age.

Head pastor letting bad leaders back into leadership.

Mentor Ws left.

From the way I see it, the head pastor should’ve never let MS back in despite of some pressure from people. The head pastor at least knew MS is a gossiper and was denied the chance to be ordained as deacon at another church. Quite an amount of people in the clergy world know that he is a difficult person if not troublesome. Mentor W didn’t agree. Didn’t say anything actually and gave the decision to the head pastor.  However, the head pastor didn’t know how bad MS could be went put in the position of power.

A year or two after MS came back in as mentor, Mentor W left. I heard that MS accused W for hosting “illegal gathering” when W invited people to Ws’ home.

Head pastor was excluded from mentor and small group leaders meetings. Head pastor was isolated.

As far as I know, in hindsight looking back. It would’ve been better if the head pastor made the decision to not let MS came back in. The head pastor gave in to pressure, not want to often the people in the fellowship, as well as trying to give MS a chance and to make peace. And for a time, MS was friendly to the head pastor, wanting the head pastor to be part of his group, but the head pastor refused and did not want to play favouritism as according to the Bible. And because of that, he was excluded later.

Did the head pastor make the right decision?

But really, it was MS who caused all the problem.

Mentor Ws left probably because of the troubles that were apparent. You would know something is wrong when the head pastor is not at the meeting at times and had to ask mentor for when the meeting is.

The worst thing is that MS has started this authoritarian rule of the fellowship. There is no one checking him now that the head pastor and Mentor Ws are gone. The leaders of the fellowship are all his people, people he nurtured when they were in universities who are now starting their families.

I guess I was also responsible a bit in that I really disliked MS, because it really was quite dead when he was my small group mentor. He dominated discussion. We couldn’t talk. He wasn’t evil then but it didn’t help the small group. Nobody were talking and I really enjoyed that “Golden period” when he wasn’t here. We were more free and lively.

What happened was, when he was ousted by Pastor F and came back, he probably had insecurity issue which he has right now and it’s even worst now that he has tightened his grip over the fellowship.

His influence was always great amongst his followers but it seems even more now.

The problem is spreading, more and more people are being affected.

The worst thing is, there are probably only about 5 people in the world who knows what is actually going on. Most are blind to the situation. Even my close friends don’t think it’s that bad and problematic.

Half of the people in the fellowship knows something is wrong, but nobody knows how serious it is and how ugly it is, probably because I am the head pastor’s son and they know I know too much. To them, I am a risk.




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