One side effect of being a pastor’s kid is that you get pretty lenient and even gracious.

In my case, I guess I am even very lenient on myself. Why is that? It’s because I have seen so much dirt, mean stuff happening at church that unintentional offends doesn’t really count as anything. The bad, evil, intentional acts makes me very lenient and forgiving about minor acts.

The problem is that I am also very lenient on myself. I used to get a bit stressed and upset if I get late for church, but now, it’s like, “Well, I am killing anybody coming 3 minutes late. That guy over there, he’s killing someone.”  I just don’t get mad and look down on people when they make mistakes. There are just much worst things in life, why are we picking on the little things.

There are some people at church, especially girls, they dislike certain people because the way they talk, the way they carry themselves, or their manners (or lack of), lower education and etc. And I just don’t understand why they make a big fuss over it. I think we should address them, but don’t hate them and tell others about their weaknesses around.


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