I know Joe and others are meeting up with my friends, close friends. There is this growing gap between me and my church friends.

Before, when we say go eat dinner or get together, there’s usually pretty easy. However, now, there’s always excuse. Like one of my closest friends told me he’s not free until July. But I know it wasn’t impossible to meet up. I actually don’t even see him at church all that much. After fellowship one time, usually we would naturally eat together, now they told me they were going somewhere, or not hungry but then I would find them eating at another place.

That’s just strange. I can guess that it’s because they had to talk about something without me or a few others. That’s actually a problem already. Something is wrong.

HP told me he was talking with Joe. They were meeting together for dinner. And FY probably meeting up with Q and the few others. Q is very obedient to FY. Even about half a year ago, I felt like she was getting a bit tough and strong, a little dictatorship, being authoritative on what we should do and shouldn’t do.

And all that wasn’t too biblical in the sense that she was being a bit of a bully. And even a few months ago when the news that my dad resigned was announced.

I don’t know why people do that, my friend told me that it’s one way for the girls who care about me to get down on me. I totally don’t get that. Some of them wanted me to talk about it but then when did tell them about it, they kind of backed off. I don’t know what’s going on now.

Because the thing is, if I am going to tell the truth, it would hurt them. I don’t want to tell them everybody who schemed, who helped in the plot. But it’s hard because those are the people who are talking to them.


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