Several weeks ago, I talked to close friends about what I am upset with. They asked me why I was angry at one brother for underminding the talk of a visiting speaker on devotion.

That brother, let’s call him Jay, basically sad the whole talk was rubbish and he disagreed on using methods to do devotions. He was basically inviting debate by asking everybody if they had anything to say about the talk. He just wanted to tell us what he thought of the talk.

Afterward I told him to be humble and it wasn’t right to call it rubbish especially in front of people didn’t go and couldn’t make their own decision. I told him that if he disagreed with the talk, he should’ve said something during the Q & A session.

But most of all, I think underneath, it was to undermine the authority of clergy. It probably started with MS’ gathering after the talk. What some people do is that they would critique talks and sermons afterward and MS would influence others  on his view. Jay, is probably one of the person being influenced.

I talked to my pastor friend about what is happening at much fellowship and church and he told me blankly, “It’s a toxic church. You should leave.”



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