Can we do better?

They would actually change the whole system to kick someone out. Which is pretty horrible and cruel. But that’s what they would do.

I wonder why they have so much energy to do that? Wouldn’t it be easier to work together, to find ways to solve problems.

So what is happening at my fellowship?

What happened to my dad is that the deacon board finally did what my dad recommended when he was in office. It’s kind of an insult really. My dad worked there for almost a decade, and tried to push forward some changes. They resisted and only after he left that they did it.

It shows that they also knew that those things are good for church and was what needed yet they didn’t do it out of personal hatred. I have no idea why they had such hatred for my dad. I know why but I can’t understand how far it can go to the point where the development of the whole church stalled because of this hatred.

They gossiped a lot and harmed the ministry.

Mrs Hung is mean. And just not generous at all. I can’t believe she is a deacon.



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