Excerpt and Refection from “How to Survive being a Pastor’s Kid”

I read “How to Survive being a Pastor’s Kid” at http://blogcritics.org/culture/article/how-to-survive-being-a-pastors

Public Defamation Preparation

Don’t be afraid of the congregation’s words. They will slander you and murder your public image, and are not the least bit afraid to embarrass you.

While you think they might hurt your reputation in your early teen years, know that it only gets worse. Keep your friends close, but your enemies closer. A smile always beats tears. As for the false accusations, blow them off like they never happened. Because they didn’t, right?

Ingredients Needed in Your Daily Life

  1. A bible. Whether you are the little miss perfect everyone believes you to be, loving Jesus all day long, or you are a non-believer, you have to keep them guessing somehow. Uphold yourself in knowing a few verses, just in case anyone questions your legitimacy.
  2. Friends who don’t know about your so-called “celebrity” image. Someone has to be oblivious to your title. And you want people who actually love you for you.
  3. A sense of self-confidence. Though I list this as the final ingredient, it is by far the most important of the three. Without confidence in yourself and your beliefs, whatever they might be, you are destined to fall.

Read more: http://blogcritics.org/culture/article/how-to-survive-being-a-pastors/#comments#ixzz1TB70vvQv

On Sunday a few people get invited to the narcissistic leader’s dim sum lunch. They seems to invite everybody except me, even people around me. I realized that they are targeting my unsuspecting friends who are more simple-minded. The narcissistic leader has a clean and authoritative image and most people think he is alright with good intention when he’s seeking control. My good friends who know about the situation simply just don’t go to their dim sum lunch.






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